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Serving the healthcare industry since 1997, Harbor Medical is the exclusive US distributor of Beka-Hospitec Bathing and Lifting line. Our extensive line, made in Germany, offers a large variety of patient lifts and stands, shower trolleys, and bathing systems perfect for the nursing home or assisted living facility.

Nora Sit to Stand Lift

Nora Sit to Stand Lift and the Carlo Floor Lift

Both offer stress free transfers from bed, chair, toilet with 460 lbs. lifting capacity, and are made of stainless steel, suitable for use in showers. Electric spreadable feet. Available with or without scales. The Carlo is available with 4 point hanger bar (Carlo Classic) or with a Clip Sling dynamic system (Carlo Comfort). Click here for more information for Nora Stand and Carlo Floor Lift.

Shower Trolley Sina

Shower Trolley Sina

The Shower Trolley Sina is ideal device for transport and showering. Special scissors-type lifting system provide maximum stability and sturdy safety hinges on side rails insure smooth, safe transport. **A Bariatric shower trolley now available with a 560LBS weight capacity.** Click here for more information.




Avero Comfort

Height Adjustable Tub

Avero Comfort. Accessible for 3 sides, suitable for use with lifts. 2 actuators help achieve optimal working height. Click here for more information.

Patriot Tub

Patriot Reservoir Door Tub

The Patriot Reservoir Door Tub. With use of height adjustable transfer chair, patient is rolled right into tub. 90 second tub fill time and 12 air jets, this tub requires little space and has a water saving design. Click here for more information.




Clara Tub

The Clara Tub

The Clara Tub was designed to be used in the assisted living facility. The secure, compact, air jet tub uses little space, perfect in a corner. Resident just opens the door, steps in, sits down to enjoy their bath. Click here for more information.

Invita Tilt Tub

The Invita Tilt Tub

The Invita Tilt Tub is perfect for the bathing of developmentally disabled person. Person can step or be lifted in the tub in a seated position and then tilted horizontally for full body bath. Uses extremely low water consumption and fits in the smallest spaces. Click here for more information.


We provide many different types of patient slings. Click here to view our most commonly used slings. Our most popular sling is the General Purpose sling with full head support, designed for patient lifts with 2 or 4 point strap attachments, is made from the highest grade 100% polyester. Click here for more information on the General Purpose sling. The Hygiene sling provides easy placement on the commode or toilet. Click here for more information on the Hygiene Sling. Mesh Slings for bathing are available in sizes s-xxl. The Back Belt for use with Sit to Stand Lifts supports the patients comfortable across the back. Available in one size fits most and XL and XXL if needed.


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